First for the Movie

Meet at the FOX Theater at 4:30 PM as we have to help with the Bike Valet.

We need 4 to meet at the club house to help take the Bike Valet Equipment to the FOX Theater.

Wear your El Grupo T-shirt or Jersey. The Bike Valet is around the corner from the Fox on Church Street between Congress and Pennington. There is one empty lot next to a parking garage.

Some will help park the bikes and some will be at the Fox Theater entrance showing cyclist where the Bike Valet is located.

We will be able to watch the movie, if any one has to stay at the bike Valet during the movie Damion will give you a DVD of the movie.

We may also have to pass out raffle tickets to all that attend.

We also need up to 3 Teens to be able to get up in front of the audience and speak about El Grupo. IF you would like to do this PLEASE let Richard, Lauren or Nippy know. We will help you prepare the short speech. IT should be 3 to 5 minutes and needs to be very well done.

Please post if you can be there or not!


“With great power comes great responsibility” Spider-Man #1!
Edward “Nippy” Feldhake III

13 Responses to “Movie instructions”

  1. Jade

    I will be there. I can help with whatever is needed, except the talking in front of people. Im looking forward to this….it will be fun 🙂

  2. Emily

    nippy… that quote is originally presented by Michael J. Fox’s dad in Teenwolf…. just thought u ought to know

  3. Marcos

    I don’t get out of work until about 5 so I can be there to help around 5:15.

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    Tyler and I will be there at 4:30 and can do whatever you need us to do. Rane

  5. adkisson

    I will help with the raffle tickets or what ever else needs to be done. I’ll be at the club house at 4:00


  6. kathleendreier

    Due to work and getting a new boss this week…I’ll get there about 515ish-520ish…KD

  7. Cathy

    Nathan and Daniel will be there about 4:30pm. Emily is in her summer school class until 7pm. Should we come even though it won’t be until about 7:30pm? If Mark can get off work in time he will be there for the movie : )

  8. TBC Steve

    Olivia , myself and younger sister Ashlyn will be coming between 4:30 and 5:00
    to help and see this cool flick. We will come to the Fox.

    Don’t forget to hydrate and bring some water since it will be about 110 degrees!