First a great big thanks to all who helped with the summer bike camps. It was a huge success and we have all of you to thank for helping us pull it off. THANK YOU!!!

I will talk more about the details of the week to come at practice on Sunday. The A team is going to be out of town this week  in Flagstaff at the USA Cycling Regional development camp so B team and the rest this is certainly a time for you to step up and enjoy your new leadership roles.

One Response to “Training Calender up”

  1. kathleendreier

    From Logan posted on the El Grupo Facebook page: “Thanks everyone sooooo much for the party. I was indeed surprised! I thought everyone yelled surprise because Max was back. haha. Thank you Nippy for planning the whole thing. Thank you everyone for the gifts and a great time.”

    From Kathleen: This was an amazing El Grupo week with the bike camp, Aquathlon and Logan’s birthday party. Thank you to Daniela, Ignacio and their leadership team for organizing a really stupendous first bike camp ever. The Aquathlon was great fun too. And, this afternoon as I was looking over the 6 lanes that we took up at the bowling alley, I thought how lucky we all are to have such a close knit extended family. Thank you all for your presence and companionship. I was feeling totally mushy with all those good feelings. Deep gratitude for his generous organization of the birthday party. Yup….it’s been a pretty gosh darn amazing El Grupo week…..