All here is a great update from Connor’s Mom!
See below and make sure YOUR PARENTS SEE THIS TOO!
“With great power comes great responsibility” Spider-Man #1!
Edward “Nippy” Feldhake III
From Mary:
Hi Nippy,
Several places are happy to make some donations of fruit (watermelon will be easier to get since oranges are out of season) or small gift cards.
So far, I do have the following:
$10 gift card from Albertson’s at Speedway and Silverbell
4 watermelons from Albertons at Campbell and glenn
$20.00 from Frys at Campbell and Irvington
I’ll be getting 2 more donation from the Food City at I-19. They just don’t know what it will be yet.
Other than that the other stores cannot support us at this time.
Safeway at Broadway and Campbell and Frys at Irvington and I-10 have maxed out donations for the month so it was a “no go” for both
I have 3 places to return calls to. I shot-gunned most of the stores in my area and the Albertons’s near the club house (except for the random Albertons on the East side of town I accidently got on my list) Several stores were adamant that you be a customer at their store so I hate to expand my circle to wide. Maybe some other families can call stores in their areas. It has been fairly quick and painless.
I’ll keep you posted on what else I get.
Thank you, Mary, for all that you are doing. Are there any other parents that can help secure donations of food for the ride on Monday?
Please show your parents this blog post and post your feedback here…..thanks a bunch!!!!
Also from Nippy:
IF you can freeze a gallon or two of tap water. I have gallon jugs at the club house or us a cleaned-out milk jug and bring them on ride day so we can have cold water. We will use then to cool down the water and fruit.
ALSO if any one have any 3 to 5 gallon Igloo to put at the water stations – Please let me know and bring them on Monday, July 4th.

2 Responses to “Update from Nippy and Mary (Connor’s mom)”

  1. kira

    Hi Nippy, Mose is still sick today, but hopefully will be well enough to do Sabino cycles tomorrow. If he cant, Mike or I will come with or with out him. We have the large yellow igloo for water and the giant white cooler that can be used to keep the other stuff cool. will bring them tomorrow.

  2. Jade

    So, if i understand it right there is no help needed saturday (tomorrow) since Mose, Mike, and Kira are going. If Mose is still sick, I can go to help out. Or, if im wrong and more help is needed, I can help. Just please let me know. Thanks!