We will have a reflection and planning meeting for Summer Bike Camp with all El Grupo youth who worked as camp counselors during the #2 session AND for those we are planning to have involved for the #3 session.We are meeting at 10am Thursday following practice at our house. I will have breakfast food for you. Please bring a change of clothes and be prepared to shower, if you choose. We will meet for at least 1 hour.

Those who should attend this meeting include: Nathan, Emily, Daniel, Lizzy, Donovan, Logan, Marcos, Sabina, Mose, Luke, Jade, Ben, Keenan, Stephanie. We are giving priority to those who are either going into or already in high school for camp counselor positions, in case anyone was wondering. It would be so cool if next summer every El Grupo youth gets to work as a camp counselor for Summer Bike Camp.

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