Here is what we have been up to and why we are too tired right now to write a more thorough blog post. We are having a blast and learning tons! More to come, maybe tomorrow…


Mon. 7/25                       3-5:00pm            Arrivals and Registration – Dinner before 6:00

7:00-9:00          Skills Sessions – Chad Cheeney


Tues. 7/26                      7:00-9:00          Wake up, breakfast, prep.

9:00-12:00       Pre ride HCTT Race course and Other Trails – Chris McGovern

12:00                   Lunch at Camp

1:00                      Presentation – Training Plans – Chris McGovern

6:00                      Dinner

7:00                      Presentation – Nutrition – Rick Crawford


Wed. 7/27                       7:00-9:00          Wake up, breakfast, prep.

9:00                      Ride – Dry Fork/Colorado Trail – Sarah Tescher

12:00                   Lunch at Camp

1:00                      Presentation – Core Conditioning – Elke Brutsaert

5:30 & 6:00      Factory Trails Short Track Races – B’s then A’s

8:00                      Dinner at Zia Taqueria


Thurs. 7/28                   7:00-8:30          Wake up, breakfast, prep.

9:00                      Hill Climb TT – Telegraph Trail – Hagen/Troy Wells

12:00                   Lunch at Camp

1:00                      Presentation – National MTB Champ – Todd Wells

3:00                      River Time!

6:00                      Dinner

7:00                      Presentation – Mental Preparation – Steve Ilg


Fri. 7/29                           7:00-8:30          Wake up, breakfast, prep, pack.

8:30                      Ride – Overend Mtn. Park – Ned and Chris

12:00                   Lunch at Trailhead

1:00                      River Time!

3:00                      Depart to Camp for Hermosa Off-Road Classic


Sat. 7/30                         Race Hermosa Off-Road Classic

5 Responses to “Camp Schedule”

  1. kathleendreier

    So happy for all of you! Can’t wait to hear every detail!!! Be safe and have a blast!

  2. kathleendreier

    Also, to the coaches here in Tucson leading practice this morning…Nick messaged me on Facebook before 5am today reporting that he has a fever of over 102…don’t know if he has the means to contact anyone…I’m assuming he didn’t make it to practice today although his message to me didn’t indicate one way or another. Get well, Nick!

  3. Jade

    Kathleen, someone mentioned that he was sick on a different post. I forwarded it to the coaches this morning just in case they didnt see it.

    Sounds like durango people are having a blast! cant wait to hear about it!!!

  4. Nick Harris

    Thanks Kathleen and Jade! We did post it and emailed the coaches! Thanks for your help also! So nice to know it’s all covered! He still has a fever, maybe a strep check today we’ll see… ~Jessica

  5. jenndalho

    get well soon Nick!
    from Jenn Sam’s mom
    I know Sammy will say so too