Monday is the Annual Ice Cream Social for GABA which means El Grupo serves up loads of the cold sweet stuff for folks and also gets recognized as a beneficiary of GABA. As one of our major sponsors, it is SUPER IMPORTANT that as many of us that can go do go to help out. Also, wear your El Grupo t-shirts for a large group photo with all GABA members there.

We will meet at the clubhouse at 5pm to drive out there and help set up. You should be back home by 8:30 and be full on ice cream!

10 Responses to “GABA Ice Cream Social – Monday!”

  1. tylers mom aka rane

    Since the meeting is sort of near us, would it be ok for Tyler and Jim to meet you there and if so, what time??? Thanks, Rane 🙂

  2. daniela

    Sounds great. yes anyone else that likes, please just meet us there. That though please let me know your intentions. Planning is very difficult without all necessary information. I have had frustrations of late with poor communication and look forward to future improvements.

  3. kathleendreier

    Logan will need to catch a ride or bike over with someone as I’ll be working til 5 or 6. I will meet you all over there between 6 and 630 with my camera in tow…..
    I have Logan get himself to the clubhouse by 5pm. Thanks!

  4. daniela

    If anyone else is meeting us there, please be there no later than 6pm.

  5. Marcos

    I’ll be meeting you guys there as I’m biking somewhere directly after the meeting.

  6. Cathy

    Nathan, Emily and Daniel will meet you at the gaba meeting by 6pm.

  7. TBC Steve

    I will bring Olivia to the clubhouse @ 5:00 and can drive some folks there if you need extra transport.


  8. Nick Harris

    I will meet you at GABA. Address on Farness, correct?

  9. mosespapa

    I’m so sorry Mose missed dishing out ice cream; we’re all out of groove here at the Geddes house!
    I took Mose to help me at the school, we came home and worked on the house, at 7:30 he looks at me and says, “Dad, we missed the ice cream social…”
    Somehow, we both just completely spaced out.