Nippy would like to organize anyone who wants to chill out (literally) Tuesday afternoon at Oracle View Theaters (near Tucson Mall) to watch the movie “Soul Surfer”. The cost is only $1.50.

Movie starts at 2:40pm on Tuesday (tomorrow!) and if you need a ride you will need to be at the clubhouse no later than 2pm.

Please comment if you are planning on going and/or if you need a ride.

3 Responses to “Inspirational movie anyone? (A/C included!)”

  1. Lizzy

    I’d like to go. I don’t know if I’ll need a ride or not, though.

  2. adkisson

    Connor and I would like to go. We’ll meet there.-Mary

  3. jenndalho

    sam is spending this day with a friend who has been away so far all summer

    but have fun!!