One-  I forgot to mention to everyone to bring a swim stuff. We are going to be floating down the river so please bring swim stuff.

Tw0– I am getting nervous about tents. So Please bring what you have and we will assess tomorrow morning what we need. So bring what you got.

Three- You don’t need 5 long sleeve shirts. 2-3 is probably going to be fine.

Four– Pack smart.

2 Responses to “More Durango Info”

  1. adkisson

    Thanks Ignacio for setting everything up. We’ll throw in the big tent in case you need it. Connor said he mentioned to you that we were bringing my brother’s tent but he just told us about it and they aren’t home for us to get it. Sorry
    Do you still need to borrow a camera? If you take charge of it, you can borrow mine. Let me know.-Mary

  2. kathleendreier

    I think I’m getting a 2-person tent from my neighbor late tonight.