Mike Geddes (mosespapa) has offered to lead out a few folks who might want to get more time on the dirt before Durango. Please read the comments below as he is going to post on the when, where, and such. There might be one Saturday morning, as well, for those who mountain bike but will not be doing the Shootout. Thanks, Mike!

3 Responses to “Optional MTB practice Friday”

  1. mosespapa

    Hey Folks!
    I’ll be leaving the clubhouse at 6:30 am.
    From the clubhouse, we’ll ride the 6 miles to Robles Pass (the 4-Foot Culvert Entrance on Ajo), play for an hour, then ride back. The trail’s a mix of beginner-intermediate level stuff, with sand, embedded & loose rock, a few easy arroyo crossings, mild, rocky climbs (classic Tucson Mtn Park-style trails)…There are also plenty of fun, challenging options for more advanced riders!
    We should be back no later than 9/9:30am.
    Please make sure you’ve got your camelback (or at least 3 bottles of agua), a snack, an extra tube, tire levers, patch kit, and a pump.
    I don’t have a key to the clubhouse, so you’ll need to contact Coach or Daniela to get anything you need prior to the ride.
    Let me know if you’re coming:)
    Contact me via this comment section, or call me–
    My cell: 388-0016
    Mike Geddes

  2. mosespapa

    I forgot to mention, that this ride takes place tomorrow, Friday, July 22nd.

  3. kathleendreier

    i will not be going. thank you for the offer. {10g4n}