All practices have been posted on the training calender, I am not going to go in detail here what they are, as that is the purpose of the calender.

What I do want to do though is outline the intent of the practices so that we understand more about why we are doing what we are doing.

This Saturday I want us to go on a long steady tempo ride. Many of us have been on vacation, or sick, or just not around and need some good consistent miles under us so we can pick up the intensity in the coming weeks. Consistency is paramount in a good training plan and if we want to be able to have fun in Durango and then later in the state champ races we need to be consistent on practices and trying to miss as few as possible. The plan only works if you follow through on all aspects of it.

So this Saturday we should ride steady at a 7 out of 10. Long and steady, nothing too hard.  Only if you have been explicitly told by me to try the shoot out should you come.

Sunday we are going to go and have fun on the Mountain bikes out at Sweetwater. It is close and fun.

This ride is not for everyone. If you have never been mountain biking with me then this is not for you. I am going to ask Nippy if he has time to take the rest of you on a ride.

Then next week we have summer camp again. Some of you are working this time and others not. However I want us all to pedal on the normal practice days. On these days we are going to go on recovery rides. I want us to put in easy consistent miles to get ready for the weeks to come. Since some of you have been gone I want our bodies to just re-acclimate to pedaling and being active every day. If we do not do this and then we just ask our bodies to go hard we will do damage. Think of next week like a long week of warm up for hard work to come.

This is a very important next two weeks. If you want to go to Durango this is the final stretch. Please come. be punctual and ready. Have all your necessary gear. Tubes, food, water and the like. Your dedication to the fine details will prove to me that you are mature enough to go on a week long vacation to the mountains.

2 Responses to “Practice Schedule for weekend and next week”

  1. Lizzy

    Durango’s going to be so fun. I’m stoked! 🙂