Nippy sent us some images which I am guessing are from Sunday night at the Flagstaff campsite and the first ride in Durango…he didn’t say so I’m only taking a guess. He wanted to be sure that we share the images with the El Grupo parents.
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3 Responses to “Some pics from Nippy of our Durango crew…”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    Thanks Kathleen for posting them. I got them out before a year passed. The group picture is in front of the dorm in Durango at Fort Lewis College. All the other are fromthe first ride on Monday night on the College teo skills training course.

    Cool here!

    Peace! Nippy

  2. Skywalker

    Oh what a great surprise to be able to view these pictures.
    Thanks Nippy & Kathleen.
    Liam is feeling a bit better. Will ride Sunday.
    Thanks so much. Pam