For those going mountain biking (only those who have gone mtbing with El Grupo before) we are leaving at 6am SHARP from the clubhouse and going out to Sweetwater Trail. Please show up before that to help load the bikes and make sure everything is in order.


For those who have never mountain biked OR who have been sick and could just use another spin day, you will be leaving the clubhouse at 6:30am SHARP to go on a ride with Nippy.

After the rides, we will all meet up and head over to Christian and Lori’s house around 10am for those who want to watch and enjoy some of the Tour de France highlights thus far . Please feel free to bring some snacks/breakfast foods to share. Also, bring a change of clothes to be comfortable. You will be welcome to shower before head over, time permitting.


3 Responses to “Sunday fun day!”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    Sorry road cyclist, I am taking Lauren and Lizzy to the 3 Bears Time Trial on Sunday so that Both can stay on top of the leader board for the ABRA (Arizona Bicycle Racing Association) Ride of the Year. Either Daniela or Colin will take my place. Have fun!

  2. Lizzy

    Yeah, I’ll be with Nippy and Lauren… So, excused? 🙂