First and foremost, and HUGE THANKS to Nippy!!! He did the major bulk of all the work it took to organize and successfully pull off today’s July 4th Freedom Ride. Nearly 200 people came out and enjoyed themselves, which was the idea. Maybe we will believe you when you say we can get a few more hundred people for next year!?! Thanks Nippy!!!

Also, thanks to so many parents, families, El Grupo riders and coaches who helped out today to make it so successful. There was some serious team work going on. It was so awesome to see everyone stepping up to help out, especially for Ignacio and I to experience that having had no part in organizing it. We are part of an amazing team and that really showed today. THANKS!

Practice this week is going to step  back in intensity. All the coaches had set out a training plan while Ignacio and I were away that intending for the first week to be base miles (long distances with no intensity) and the second week to be more tempo (shorter distances, some intensity). Two factors came into play: over 110 degree weather and trying to keep most of you from riding with intensity! What it seems like is that many of you are fatigued (to use Donovan’s word) and we need to go with the flow, which in this case means slow down a bit in July in Tucson! No problem.

So…no Tuesday or Wednesday morning practice. We will all do the Aquathlon on Wednesday evening, and in fact it will be the LAST  one that El Grupo gets to do this summer. Next week we will have the GABA Ice Cream Social to help out at on Monday evening (when that week’s aquathlon is) and then the only other one will be while many of us are in Durango (could be worse!). There will then be a chill recovery ride on Thursday morning, ideally not starting too early.

Please check back on the blog and the training calendar for other upcoming info. We are working on scheduling a viewing of the Tour de France so if anyone wants to offer up their home or has ideas of where we could all watch some together, please let us know.

And finally a big thanks to the coaches, especially Richard, Lauren, and Nippy that truly stepped up and took on tons of responsibility to not only see that practices still ran smoothly, but also organized fundraisers and outside activities while we were away. THANKS!

8 Responses to “Thanks to all & the week ahead”

  1. Lizzy

    Thank you, Nippy. Great day, I really think people enjoyed themselves. Also, to Lauren and Richard, I’d say a successful week, indeed. Thanks. 🙂

  2. kathleendreier

    Yes, El Grupo represented so well and worked so hard the two weeks you were gone…sooo very proud of each and every one.
    My house is available to El Grupo any time to watch the Tour even if I’m at work….just make yourself at home. If you want a sneak peak at today’s photos, look at the links on mine and El Grupo’s Facebook pages and/or my web site. I will post the links here today when I’m done working on them…about 3/4th done now.

  3. adkisson

    I have to say, aid station # 2 rocked! The kids took over, set everything up and kept it running smoothly. Thanks gang, for all of your hard work!
    We are here thru Thursday of this week and back next Wed. evening July 22nd. You are welcome to use our house to watch the Tour. You can also have free rein of the pool.

  4. adkisson

    oops, sorry screwed up on dates. The days we can watch the Tour at our house are tomorrow, then when we get back from vacation next week July 13th. So any day from the 14th on. Just let us know.

  5. Jade

    Thank you Nippy for yesterday and all other coaches/random people for practices. It was a successful and fun week. Thanks Everyone!

  6. jenndalho

    Welcome Home Damiano, Daniela and Ignacio!

    well rats i sent cookies out and arriving too late in the morning for most everybody

    bc i wanted to send a big fat nutty sugary buttery thank-you to all the riders and coaches whom i know worked awfully hard in putting on this ride for SO MANY cyclists yesterday

    it is so way cool

    anyhow – Nippy! I am happy that you got your cookies
    bc you seem to like them alright
    I would like to thank you
    and all the coaches
    for all you are to our kids
    all you give
    and do
    thank you!

    El Grupo is so remarkable!
    as individuals
    and as El Grupo!

  7. C-Coach-sweep guy

    Your very much WELCOME – Teens – Coaches – Parents!


  8. Jade

    Bye everyone. I leave tomorrow and will be back saturday 16th. <3