While many of us will be off in Durango working our butts off at Mountain Bike Development Camp, it is very important that all other riders “holding the fort down” here in Tucson are also working very hard within the practices set up. This next week in our training calendar is meant to be a tough one so that the first week in August is a rest week. We all need to work hard in order to make that rest later make sense. New riders – you will be representing El Grupo this next week. Please take that with the pride and responsibility it entails – and make sure that you show that respect back to your coaches who will be taking the reins: Colin, Christian, & Alex. A big thanks to them! Jade, let’s get you feeling better so you can be back out with us all next week.

4 Responses to “Work hard, rest later”

  1. kathleendreier

    Not sure if Colin or Christian saw this post on Facebook last night from Jesse: He will not be at practice as he is sick and he will see you Wednesday.

  2. Skywalker

    Liam is sick with a fever and a really bad case of pink eye. Hope he recovers
    fast with the antibiotics. Thks. Pam Murray

  3. Nick Harris

    Just wanted to let Christian and Colin know that Nick will not be at practice tomorrow. He is sick with a fever also! (102) Yuck! We did email you both too. We hope Liam is feeling better! Thank you! (Jessica-Mom)