Nathan, Donovan, Max and Logan shatter the Junior Men TTT record and take 1st place in a tough competitive field.

Jade, Emily, Lizzy and Stephanie earn State Championship title for Junior Women.

Max and Donovan earn a 2nd State Championship in overall Junior Tandem TT.

To view the images of El Grupo’s most amazing day, CLICK HERE. Look for an abbreviated photo album on the El Grupo Facebook page soon so you can tag yourself.
A huge shout out to Nippy who organized the State TTT as well as to all the volunteers. What an awesome and smooth event! Congrats to all of the riders today including Ben, Daniel, Keenan and Luke as well as coaches Ignacio, Alex, Richard and Ron. Finally, the unsung heros of the day, Sabina and Mose supported the whole crew with enthusiasm and efficiency. Congratulations to all you!

One Response to “AZ State TTT pics!”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I am in need of all the Franklin’s e-mail address! Please send them to ASAP! Mark. Emily, Nathan and Kathy!!! Thanks

    PS Great Racing, I am at awed at the Jr Boys team taking 1st place and that the Girls staryed together and The Duncan team had a good time – next year top three!

    PS Shout out to Matt for getting this old man accross the finish line in under one-hour for 40K.