Blue Loop 2011
Gear List
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
3 Riding shorts 1 tent
1 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag
0 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat
1 short finger gloves 0 eating bowl
0 Camel Pak 0 eating utensil
2 Spare tube 1 thermal mug
1 helmet 1 head lamp
0 mtb zero Nothing electronic
1 road bike Cards OK
1 pump
1 Riding shoes Hygiene
1 arm warmers you always need
1 thermal base layer these things
1 riding vest small towel Tooth brush
1 multi tool sunscreen tooth paste
1 patch kit shampoo soap
2 water bottles training log book
2 extra jersey
Race/ Event Info
Start time of event
Camp Clothes September 3rd 6am
web site of event
Quantity Item
1 toque projected leaving the clubhouse time and date
1 sunies- sunglasses Friday September 2nd 4pm
1 pants projected getting home from event time and date
1 shorts Monday September 5th late afternoon
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt Other drivers going and their phone #’s
1 wind breaker/ rain coat
1 walking shoe
3 socks Weather Forcast
1 wool sock hi low
1 Team t-shirt Clifton, az 103 76
1 short sleeve shirt Glenwood 95 67
2 long sleeve shirt Alpine, az 78 51 raining
Clifton, az 99 75
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Ignacio cell # 520-349-1701

7 Responses to “Blue Loop Gear List”

  1. Jade

    I wont be at practice tonight (thursday) because of my ankle. Have fun this weekend! Thanks, Jade

  2. daniela

    DON’T GO BUY ANYTHING!!! We have everything you could need off this list at the clubhouse. Please ASK US!!

  3. Jade

    If there are shortages, I might have stuff people can borrow. It depends on what it would be. Jade

  4. jesse

    I am so pumped! i can bring my own tent but i don’t think it will hold anybody else.

  5. Cathy

    We love you guys!!! Have fun!!! We will miss you!!!! Sorry were missing it!

    The Franklins