To follow up from our meeting at the party, here are the important dates of upcoming events. Mark your calendars now. I tried to indicate who will be doing what, but there are always exceptions. Also, please note the openings for mandatory “one-on-one” meetings among individual riders & parent(s) and Ignacio/Daniela (not exactly 1 on 1, but you know what I mean!). Please comment to sign up for one knowing what your/your parents’ schedules are.

August 20-21: State Road Race Championships, Hillside, AZ. You should know by now if you are doing this.  Arrive well fed and ready to leave at NOON on Saturday. El Grupo has rented out the entire motel (all 7 rooms!), and the only one, in Yarnell, AZ.  There will be a separate blog post on this with more details.


August 28: State Team Time Trial Championships. Picacho Peak, AZ. Those doing this are: Max, Donovan, Logan, Nathan. Ben, Keenan, Daniel, Skywalker. Emily, Jade, Stephanie and Lizzy. Three four-person teams. This is an early morning there and back.


September 2 – 5th: GABA Blue Loop bike tour. More info here. This will be for A and B teams, and maybe aspiring and ambitious C team members. We need to know who is going on this sooner than not, so there will be a separate post on this by the end of the week.


September 11th: State Individual Time Trial Championship. Picacho Peak, AZ. This is an early morning there and back. Anyone who wants to do this can do this. Just you against the clock and your best effort.


September 17th: El Tour Adventure Run/Walk Outreach. All of us will do this to get work trade hours for El Tour. This is up at the Rillito River path and will be an early morning of helping out and cheering folks on. Plan on it!


September 24-25th: State Hill Climb Championship. Mt. Graham, AZ. This is an extremely difficult race/ride up Mt. Graham, but open to those who want the challenge. Some of you should be able to do quite well at this one. We will leave town on Saturday to camp on Mt. Graham that night, and be ready for the race on Sunday morning. More details on this as we get closer.


Last, but not least. Individual Rider/Parent Meetings. We had our first round of meetings yesterday (Monday). Ignacio and I are very pleased with how these went. Those signed up for Thursday are Liam (4:30), Mose (5), Jade (5:30), and Logan (6pm). With the exception of Logan (since he is last), you should not plan on riding at practice on Thursday. ALL of these meetings will take place at our home. These are 30 minute check-in’s with riders and parents. Open slots that need to be filled include:

Friday, 3pm and 3:30pm. Tyler and Nick (in the order) are already signed up for Friday after that.

Monday, 3:30 through 6pm

Please comment to get the slot that you want!

8 Responses to “Important Dates and Info”

  1. kathleendreier

    Hotel party in Yarnell!!!!!
    Let me know how much we can contribute to the hotel costs.
    This is going to be great fun!

  2. kathleendreier

    Leftover info from Sunday: We gave Ignacio today a towel, a swimming suit, and a bib (from the pics I can see it is Moze’s) as well as Cherish’s swim skirt. I anticipate he will have them at the clubhouse today. Also, I gave him Mary’s camera to give to Conner. You all are wonderful!

  3. Jade

    So to reschedule my meeting… I talked about a time with Kathie and she said the only time they can make it would be Monday at 6:00. Is that possible? Once again, im sorry for the last minute cancellation on Thursday.