There is going to be a lot more info in the next few days about all of this, but I want to get some out now to help everyone in their planning.


We are going to leave town on Friday after school. This  means leaving town at approximately 4pm, not too much later please. We are going to drive to the town of Clifton, AZ and camp. We will need to make our dinner that night and our breakfast in the morning. Also we will need all of our own camping gear. I will put a gear list together and have that for all the riders tomorrow at practice.


Then we are with GABA in the morning. Really from here all we have to worry about is pedaling our bikes. Every 20 miles they have a table full of food for us and then we get into camp. The ride is very challenging, but just gorgeous. I am excited for many of you to attend.


I hope to have everyone back in town on Monday before dark if possible. It is hard to say, but that will be the goal. At night once the riders get into camp there is time and space to do homework, so I will be asking the kids if they brought things to study. There will be time to study.


All El Grupo members who wish to go must cover the food cost for the weekend. $40 is what we will ask of you for the whole weekend.


Daniela, Damiano, and myself will not be attending this year. So please best behavior!!!!!!!!


More info can be found at the GABA web site or here:


Riders that have expressed interest in going: Tyler, Logan, Donovan, Lizzy, Connor, Skywalker, Max, Jesse, Sabina, Nick


Others may attend but you must speak with me about it.

can you find the road



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  1. daniela

    Richard will be driving the team van, and Jim will be driving the other needed car.

    Wednesday practice will be a long 25 mile ride.