Our very own Marcos Esparza will be presenting on his self-contained bike tour from Portland to L.A. TONIGHT (Monday!) at the GABA meeting, 7pm. Please attend if you can to support Marcos and to hear all the fun stories he has about the challenges and tribulations of bike touring.

If anyone would like a ride there, the red van will be leaving our house at 6:30. Please let us know if we should be expecting you.

9 Responses to “Marcos presents @ GABA tonight!”

  1. kathleendreier

    I would love to go but I expect to be working til about 8pm (Kathleen). If Logan goes, he’ll need to catch a ride from you…I have him call you. Thanks. Good Luck, Marcos!!!

  2. mosespapa

    Jade, we need to meet at the clubhouse so you can get your bike and I can get my lock. I could meet you at whatever time is most convenient for you. My cell = 520-388-0016; it’s been on the fritz lately (hence my not using it right now to call or text you!), so our home phone = 520-327-7875.
    Not sure, but I’m hoping to make it tonight to the GABA mtg, so maybe we could take care of this afterwards…

  3. keenan

    I need a ride so I’ll be at your house at 6:20 or so. Ben isn’t feeling well so he may or may not come.

  4. Jade

    I will be at Daniela and Ignacio’s house around 6:20 and then get bike and after the meeting with Mike. Thanks

  5. keenan

    unfortunately i cant come, sorry i will see you all tomorrow at the bike camp, thanks, keenan