We will be leaving the clubhouse at noon on Saturday.

Cars going- Team Van 12 seats. Steve Bohns truck 4 seats. Margo’s van 5 seats, and Jim’s car 4 seats. That is a total of 25 seats and my count is that we have 22 people going. That is without the Cronyn’s counted.

We then need to be able to carry 18 bicycles. The team van can carry 12. Steve’s truck another 3, Jim’s car 2, so if Margo can take one bike we are good.

We have the whole hotel in Yarnell reserved. The lady has told us that we should not need to bring sleeping bags or mats however we will bring just a few in case. She has told us that she has enough beds for 19 people and plenty of blankets for all .

To make this trip work we are asking $20 from each rider. This is pay for the hotel and off set other costs.

On the way up we will be picking up our race numbers in Wickenburg. as for clothes you will only need one change of clothes for after the race and some PJ’s to sleep in. We will of course have a lady’s only room.

I will post more as more info comes in

4 Responses to “More Road race info”

  1. adkisson

    We got a big bucket of sourdough pretzels and a big box of fruit leather to help with keeping the masses from starving to death. 🙂 Mary

  2. kathleendreier

    I have some sesame covered almonds and dried pineapple. So excited! (Kathleen)