Here is who is going to race this weekend for the State Champ Road Race: Olivia, Sabina, Lizzy, Stephanie, Jade, Emily, Tyler, Connor, Ben, Keenan, Logan, Daniel, Max, Jesse, Donovan, Nathan.


We will be LEAVING the clubhouse at 12 NOON on Saturday. You must have with you in a small bag your riding clothing/gear (obviously your newest team jersey!), toiletries and a change of clothes for after the race. Be well fed (you should have eaten lunch!) when you arrive. The team will provide some car snacks/fruit, dinner and breakfast. We will all get lunch together after the race.

Here is the link for the race flyer.


We should be back on Sunday by 6pm or so (hopefully!). GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE before we leave for the trip, or bring it along and be prepared to make time to do it.


And I will repeat: the individual meetings with us are MANDATORY which means you need to sign up for a time if have not already. Thanks!

5 Responses to “More Road Race Info”

  1. kathleendreier

    Do you need my car? Should I have it “at the ready” just in case? Also, should some of us bring sleeping bags for sleeping on the hotel floor?

  2. jesse

    My highest gear ratio is 53×12, which I think is a problem, as the junior limit is 52×14. Also, I realized my chain may be pretty stretched. Are these things we can change before we leave?

  3. TBC Steve

    I’m planning on driving the truck, which takes 4 comfortably plus 3 bikes, 2 on a rack. I’m racing the 55+ masters, which is 64 miles (about 3 hours+/-) for me, but Ignacio may want to use the truck for wheel slinging for the JR races, which is fine. Sleeping bags are a good idea-I’m bringing mine as well.

    Jesse and other Jrs: just adjust your rear derailleur so that it starts on the 14 cog, not the 12. It’s a pretty simple adjustment or ask a coach.

  4. daniela

    We will grab a few extra mats, and if you have a sleeping bag and want to bring it, please do. NOT necessary, though. They have told us at the motel that they will have lots of extra blankets on hand.
    Kathleen, yes, have your car “at the ready” but we are hoping that you do not have to drive.
    Jesse, if your bike is at the clubhouse, it can get fixed. If it is not, then we need to get it there. After practice on Saturday morning is the other option.

  5. jesse

    Okay, after practice tomorrow sounds good. I should have time then. I’ll try to pick up a new chain before then just in case.