This was a revolutionary video. This was when MTV played videos all day and this was one of the first ever to have animated characters interacting with live people. I remember freaking out about this. Also please comment what you might be able to bring to the get together this Sunday. We are hoping for perfect attendance at the party.

13 Responses to “Please look below”

  1. Jade

    I love that song and havent heard it in forever!!! Cool video, that was cool

  2. adkisson

    I love this!
    Nothin like 80’s music to put you in a good mood

    We will bring cut watermelon (connor)

  3. Lizzy

    I will be in attendance. I will bring some brownies (It’s a fruit). 😉

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    Most of you weren’t born yet but 80’s music rocked!!!

    We (Tyler and crew) can bring a bunch of marinated chicken to throw on the grill. If it’s easier if we cook it ahead of time to throw on salad or whatever, let us know.

    PS: Mark – Literal videos are hilarious! Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is another one for a good chuckle!!!

  5. Nick Harris

    So would more marinated chicken (spicy cilantro lime) be too much? We were also thinking grilled corn on the cob. Should we bring an extra grill? Is there enough room?
    ~Nick’s gang 🙂

  6. ben



  7. daniela

    Hilarious, Ben almost as awesome as Skywalkers hiding place at work. No prob about practice, you guys had two great days this week and if you ride on Saturday and Sunday it will still be one of the best weeks you have had. I DO VERY MUCH APPRECIATE THE COMMUNICATION!!

  8. Jade

    muffins with fruit in them. im curious…what was Skywalkers hiding place??