4 new champs are coming home: Lizzy, Emily, Nathan and Olivia.

16 impressive junior bike racers call Tucson and El Grupo home.

We had a fantastic weekend in which as usual the placings were the other part of the story.

Sure we won some Championships, but every one of them was won because of the effort and support of the teammates around them.

With the 111 degree heat that the riders encountered, we had to work together. It was crazy out there – an incredibly hard climbers course in which I went through 8 gallons of water trying  to cool everyone down and that was not even close to enough.

I was proud to be the coach of this team this weekend and I look forward to the seasons to come with the riders on board now.

Thank you to all the parents that supported the team this weekend: Jim, Kathleen, and Steve – we could not have done it with out you.

8 Responses to “State Road Race”

  1. kathleendreier

    Congrats to ALL of the podium finishes(7 altogether!) as well as all of the personal challenges and triumphs this weekend. I was honored to observe many of you overcome things that have nothing to do with the bike but everything to do with self-respect, effort, and teamwork. I’ll start working on the images tonight and will give you a link to check out as I upload.

  2. kathleendreier

    Also, thank you so much to Director Daniela who shopped and put together all of our food and helped us get really great accommodations in Yarnell…our first hotel experience…what a blast. You are the behind-the-scenes motor to IT ALL.

  3. keenan

    Thanks a ton El Grupo, Ignacio, and Daniela! This is what makes El Grupo sooo awesome!

  4. Jade

    Thank you everyone! Coaches, parents, teammates, etc… Congrats to all the podiums and self accomplishments. This weekend was so much fun! I cant wait to continue the next few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hopefully!?!?)

  5. Lizzy

    Thanks a heap! What a great weekend! Congratulations to everyone!

  6. jenndalho

    I salute you all
    and each and every Rider