We are going to be going to the GABA shed to help them get things ready for the Blue Loop. If you are riding this weekend then you need to be there tomorrow to help out. I will  be driving the team van to the shed so no need for bike clothes. The Blue Loop is my favorite ride of the year and I hope you all agree. All of A and B team is encouraged to go and if you are on C team then come talk with me about going. Convince me that you WANT to go. We should leave the clubhouse at 4:30pm and arrive back at 6:15pm.

Blue Loop 2008

2 Responses to “Tuesday Practice”

  1. kathleendreier

    OMG, you two are soooooooo cute! (Kathleen)

    “That’s pretty awesome.” (Logan)

  2. Jade

    Tuesday Practice: Ok, sounds good.
    Blue Loop: I would be trying to persuade you, but I cant go because my french final is on Monday. I hope everyone that goes has a blast though!!!! 🙁