Saturday 6:30am

Everyone is to meet at the clubhouse ready to leave at this time. Some of you will be going on a ride with Nippy. Those of you not doing the Team Time Trial will be doing this ride with Nippy.


The rest of you that are doing the team time trial will be leaving on a ride with me and the other coaches and it will be a dress rehearsal for the event on Sunday.

Sunday: Team Time Trial in Picacho Peak

Junior start time 7am

We should be there at 6am

It takes 1 hour to get there so we must leave the clubhouse at 5am. I know that it is early but that’s what we got.

Let’s arrive at the clubhouse at 4:45am, ready to load up the trailer.


Sunday: all others. Group ride with Christian and Colin 6:30am



One Response to “Weekend’s Activities”

  1. jesse

    I won’t be there on Sunday; I’ll be riding with Tyler and his Dad.