Hey All. Glad to hear that the weekend went so well. This very well is the last Blue Loop in history so I am happy to know that we were a part of it.


For the event this weekend. I will only register those riders that comment to this post with interest.


As well if you comment with interest in the event and want to use aero bars then you must let me know, so I can put them on your bike this week.


I will need to know by Thursday, so I can sign you up in time.


The course is the same on used in the Team Time Trial.

26 Responses to “Individual Time trial”

  1. danielson

    Hay I want to do the tt with aero bars, but Richard was checking out my bike and the handlebars angle in so clip on’s would not work. So one thing Richard said was that I need different bars for it to work. So Ignacio would you be able to help me with that?

  2. Jade

    I am interested in both racing and aero bars. Richard told me to go to the clubhouse early tomorrow (wed) to get them on. Thanks!!! Jade

  3. TBC Steve

    I am there!!!!! ill need some bars though, mine are just a little to small.

  4. TBC Steve

    oh and i wont be at the ride today… you guys have lots of fun though!! πŸ™‚

  5. Cathy

    FYI: Emily will be in North Carolina with Cathy and Nathan will be doing a collegiate mountain bike race in New Mexico this weekend. Daniel and Mark are planning on the TT with Daniel racing and Mark cheering πŸ™‚
    The Franklins

  6. Tyler

    Why is it the last blue loop in history???
    I am VERY interested in doing the TT. Count me in. Thanks.

  7. Skywalker

    I would love to partake in the TT, so sign me up. But i have been feeling pretty crappy lately and liam is sick and my friends are all sick, so im worried that im getting sick or that i will just feel like crap on sunday. So maybe we talk?

  8. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I hope you all read this!

    Tyler-Logan-Daniel have the straightforward best reply.

    Being in is fine but is lingo that adults may not understand!

    Jesse, Jade, Ben, Keenan being “interested” and doing it are TWO DIFFERENT things so I don’t know if you are curious and inquisitive about the event or if you want to take part PLEASE clarify what you want to do?

    Donovan you can come out and stand on the board (podium) without taking part so Please clarify what you want to do!
    David – Mose – Sam – Stephanie?


  9. Nick Harris

    Responding for Nick who is at school~~Please sign me up because I really want to participate in the TT! Thank you very much!!!! πŸ™‚

  10. TBC Steve

    Nippy/coaches-to clarify, Olivia is ready & wants to race.

    FYI: Also, for those who want to compete for state championship, you MUST have a annual license, not a one day license. You may win but it won’t count (toward a CHAMPIONSHIP JERSEY) unless you have an annual lic. They can be purchased online from USA Cycling. Just sayin.


  11. Jade

    Ok, to clarify: I am interested in doing the race and I will be there. Please sign me up. Thank you!!! Jade

  12. TBC Steve

    My previous post was ment for the newbies gang..if the coaches think your ready and you want to qualify for podium medals(gold silver bronze), 1-3, ya need the lic.

    You guys and gals will all kick some butt!

  13. adkisson

    to clarify
    im doing it
    but nippy, you guys aren’t that old πŸ™‚