This Sunday for the first time ever the Board of Directors of El Grupo, our coaches, and three youth representatives (Luke, Emily & Connor) will be working together all day long in a “retreat” to talk about the future of El Grupo. It is a very exciting thing to have so much growth, energy and enthusiasm for what we all do together through El Grupo that we get to take a whole day to discuss where we want to go & grow, and how we want to get there.


Sunday morning’s ride will be the first annual “Not a Boar(d)ing Ride!” to give all the youth riders, coaches and board members a chance to mingle. It will be a rather chill ride of 20-25 miles – sometimes referred to as the “Coyote Pass ride”. Please take the time during the ride to get to know one another. Board members include: Kathleen, Greg Yares, Dave Bohm, Christian, Steve Wilson, Mark Mandel, Nippy, Ignacio and Daniela.


Here is the agenda for the day. If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions that you want to be discussed this day, or any time, please let us know. And a big thanks to Connor, Emily and Luke for agreeing to sit around with us all day to talk about this stuff (and eat!). They are sitting in as representatives – so let them know if you have specific ideas of where you would like El Grupo to go. “Lessons you learn when ears are open.” – Yoda, as channeled thru Ignacio


El Grupo Cycling
Board Retreat Agenda
Sunday, October 2, 10 am – 4 pm

Stone Curves


10:00               Welcome

Brief Introduction and Expectations
Guiding Principles

Overview of Agenda


10:30               Founder’s Vision, Your Vision, Shared Vision

• Original Vision
• By 2016, what will El Grupo have achieved?


11:30               What Would You Do with a $100,000 Donation

• Brainstorming
• A look at the brainstorm through the lens of mission and values


Noon               Break for Lunch


12:30               Life Cycle of Organizations—and the Life of El Grupo

• Quick teach: Life cycle of organization

• Key questions: Opportunities and challenges facing El Grupo

• What type of growth?  Three goals and outcomes



2:00                 Break


2:15                 From Here to There:  Steps for the Next 18-24 months

• Steps on the Wall

• Check-in:  Are steps consistent with vision, mission, values, goals for growth

• Tasks and commitments



3:30                 Wrap Up

• Review of day’s accomplishments

• Next steps


8 Responses to “Looking towards El Grupo’s Future”

  1. TBC Steve

    I will not be riding in the morning i am spending tonight and the morning with my Grandma…i love you guys have lots of fun

  2. Jade

    I talked to Kathie and Gautam…woo hoo!!! But one thing that they said was with everything that I am trying to balance, that I should miss one day a week of El Grupo until SAT’s are over. I take the test on Nov. 5th. So… since this Sunday looks like an important day to ride (with the whole mingling with board members), I will not go tomorrow but will be there Sunday.
    ~ Jade

  3. adkisson

    Just want to clarify
    Sunday morning I won’t be riding but I will be at the meeting