Well first off here is the link for the results from today. WELL DONE EVERYONE!!


Tuesday: There are a few things that need to be done.


We need to organize 8-10 riders to go to PBAA to do packet stuffing for work trade for El Tour. The sooner they get there, the sooner they can be done. The hours that Michelle originally had blocked were 3pm -6pm. So we can load up the van and drive over there so we can a bunch of hours in. The faster we can do the task the quicker we can go home too.



Also on Tuesday:

There is an opportunity at United Way for learning how to be a youth advocate. Here is more info:

Merrill Eisenberg,  a professor in the UA College of Public Health, and a colleague on the CPPW grant has offered to conduct a FREE training to the youth on developing advocacy skills and presenting information to policy-makers at public engagement forums.
This is being specially scheduled for any El Grupo youth who want to do it, and I think could be a cool opportunity for their personal development. It is from 4pm-5:30pm at the United Way offices. The folks going to this will ride there bikes there.
For these two events please sign up for one via the blog. If you choose one then you will get that one, if you don’t I will assign you.
Wednesday: We will have some fun up at Starr Pass and do some laps. Old School.
Thursday: A -Mtn repeats. If you plan on doing Mt. Graham you need to be at these two practices. Of course great excuses are excepted, but please make it.
Saturday: Is the El Tour fun run. We will meet crazy early and help out, in an effort to complete our El Tour, bike ride, worktrade entry.
Sunday: A long, fun, Mt. Lemmon ride.

18 Responses to “This Coming Week”

  1. jesse

    thanks for the TT, coach!
    SO GLAD to hear we will be doing the Lemmon on sunday!
    Can i get assigned to the united way training presentation? that would be awesome.

  2. kathleendreier

    Ignacio and Daniela…let me know how I can help….drive folks, show up at either place to photograph, etc…… (Kathleen)

  3. kathleendreier

    i will be there for the packet stuffing.. unless it is a problem that i dont get out until 3? would it be better for me to do the youth advocate thing? (logan)

  4. Tyler

    I don’t get out of school untill 3:38 so that means I will do the youth advocacy skill training. I won’t make it on time if I ride my bike to the clubhouse, so should my mom drop me off at 4:00 at united way?

  5. Nick Harris

    Hey coach I would like to do the envelope stuffing, but I don’t get out of school untill 3pm. Should I meet you at pbaa or go to youth advocacy? Thanks

  6. adkisson

    Stoked for lemmon!
    I also dont get out of school until 3:47 so i cant do envelope stuffing so i will do the advocacy thing

  7. Cathy

    My mom will drop me at the PBAA office right around 3PM tomorrow. Thanks

  8. danielson

    I also don’t get out till 3 soooo. But I could ride to that 1 pbaa thing. Or meet at the club house at 4.

  9. danielson

    We should do points race Wednesday. We haven’t done that in such a long time.

  10. keenan

    we won’t be able to get to the envelope stuffing so we will go to the other one

  11. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I will be at PBAA. Here is my cents for the two activities this week and in the future. We as adults that don’t have teens don’t always think about school and when it gets out. It shows that the time block for PBAA is 3 to 6.

    If you don’t get out of school until after 3 then, look up the address of the place either by phone book or internet and show up there as soon as you can there if by bike or by way of your parents driving you. Just post on the blog that you will get yourself there so that the Van is not waiting at the clubhouse and we (coaches) know who is coming. Also if there are only a few that can make it to the clubhouse then Ignacio/Daniela may be able to drive the smaller vehicle.

    Great Job on the ITT. Nick great results for your first race, super great time!
    Cheers Nippy

  12. TBC Steve

    Olivia has an activities meeting at school until 4:15pm so I will try and get her to the PBAA office by 4:30-4:40.

    Agreed Nippy-good suggestion and Nick, that was indeed a SMOKING TT time for your first ever sanctioned event, just off the podium.

  13. kathleendreier

    Logan and Daniel will bike over to PBAA from TMHS after school which gets out at 3pm. They should get to PBAA around 330ish. Let me know if you need my help with anything…my afternoon is fairly free and I will just be in the office. (Kathleen)

  14. Sam

    Wait. I don’t think i can because I don’t get out of school until 3:30. I’ll just go to the United Way.

  15. adkisson

    ok i will meet at PBAA as soon as i can after school
    I will ride over so dont wait for me

  16. Nick Harris

    Thank you Nippy and Steve! I will meet you at pbaa at 3:30ish so don’t wait for me either. thank you