Saturday: If you want to do El Tour in November, you MUST HELP OUT on Saturday morning for the El Tour Fun Run on the Rillito Pathway. Here is a link with more info.

We must be at St. Gregory Preparatory School NO LATER THAN 5:30AM. If you live close by, you are welcome to meet us there. If you need a ride, the van will be LEAVING the clubhouse at 5AM!!

They need a minimum of 18 of us to be out there volunteering, so PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING! Parents and siblings are welcome to come help as well, but only riders’ hours count towards El Tour work trade so we really need you to be there. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WILL BE MEETING AT THE CLUBHOUSE AND NEEDING A RIDE!

Maybe Damiano will motor pace you too?!

Sunday: Let’s go ride up the mountain! We will be LEAVING the clubhouse at 6:30AM to ride up Mt. Lemmon. This will be a long(er) one so please bring food and be well hydrated and rested. (We do have energy bars and gel in the fridge at the clubhouse – know what you need!) For those wanting to do Mt. Graham next weekend, this will be a great last big effort to get you ready.

16 Responses to “This Weekend”

  1. kira

    Everyone is welcome to come over to our house after the Mt. Lemmon Ride for swimming, showers, ping pong….and breakfast. I will make breakfast burritos. Families are welcome to join in and/or pick you up from the house. 5127 E. Willard St. On your way down the mountain, heading West on Pima, pass Craycroft, go Left on Magnolia and then Right on Willard.

  2. Lizzy

    I think Donovan and I will ride there from our house because I believe we live close enough. And I will not be attending the Mt. Lemmon ride on Sunday, as you know. Thanks!

  3. Cathy

    We live very close to St. Gregory, so Daniel and Emily will meet you there by 5:30am.

  4. Nick Harris

    I am looking forward to the ride to lemmon, and breakfast sounds great! can I bring anything?

  5. kira

    – If you are coming from Mt. Lemmon, just bring your hungry self.
    – If you are dropping a kid at the club house in the AM and then plan to drive to my house later it would be great if you could bring the riders bags of dry clothes over. People are welcome to swim in their spandex, but I expect that they’d like to have dry clothes to put on after.
    – If you are coming from home and really want to bring something, fruit or salsa would be good.

  6. Jade

    I will be coming with The Franklins on Saturday. For Sunday, Kira’s house sounds fun. Thanks!

  7. adkisson

    I will meet at 5:30 at st. gregory’s but i will have a bike so when we are done i can go help jr el tour

  8. Tyler

    On Sunday I will meet up with the ride at Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde. Any idea of what time that would be?