I will have LOTS of fliers for El Grupo’s upcoming fundraiser – The Bicycle Scavenger Hunt.


PLEASE sign up for locations to post them and take them with you this week. I will have them available at practice all week. Ask others to take them to work places, coffee shops, bike shops, schools, etc etc.


The more people we get there, the more fun and the more fun we get to have all year because the purpose is to raise funds!

4 Responses to “Help Needed with Fliers!!”

  1. keenan

    we can help my parents already copied some and brought them to work ALSO we won’t be able to make it to practice tomorrow because of a dentist appointment. We will come straight to O2 if we get out in time.
    -Keenan and Ben

  2. Lizzy

    Twins go to the dentist at the same time? Whoa.
    Jade and I are making an announcement today in Whole School Meeting and we have a flier up. I’d be happy to put some up, I just don’t know where.


  3. Jade

    I can give fliers to kathie and gautam to take to their work. Im also going to give some to my cousin’s school. I can drop them off at different businesses as well. I will need to grab fliers today at practice.