Saturday: C team ride with Colin, Monique & Daniela/Damiano. Westside fun, Gates Pass, McCain’s and around. 7am from clubhouse.

A & B team ride with Ignacio, Nippy & Keri. Old Man Shoot Out leaving 6:30am SHARP from our house. It has been a long time since we have been on this ride – and the first time since a big crash in which our board member and friend Mark Mandel was involved. Let’s be very cautious and prepared. Get lots of sleep and come with your heads on.

Breakfast back at the house for those who can – bring your $1 or $2 to help chip in.


Sunday: A & B will do all of Colossal Cave & Helmet Peak. C team will do a shorter variation of this ride. All should expect to be out for several hours of riding – lots of energy gels, powders and bars at the clubhouse, so be sure to stock up! All leaving clubhouse at 7am.


Also, Sunday: We need your input and help with planning out the presentation you will make to Jr El Tour on Tuesday, November 1st. Meet at D & I’s house at 4pm – 5pm to help out if you have all your homework done. We can count this time towards worktrade.


Tuesday: For practice we will be driving us all out to Brandi Fenton park where we will do an hour of cross-training, including Ultimate Frisbee, before we all go over to the Jr El Tour presentation. EVERYONE needs work trade hours so PLEASE PLAN ON PARTICIPATING in this from 6pm-7pm. You can either plan on getting picked up from their location at ProActive Physical Therapy office or back at the clubhouse a bit after 7pm.


4 Responses to “This weekend & upcoming events”

  1. kathleendreier

    I can come Tuesday night to photograph at 6pm…may be a few minutes late. (kathleen)

  2. Jade

    I need to stay home tomorrow morning (sunday) to do more homework. If I get my work done, I might be able to come to the Jr El Tour meeting. But, im not sure yet.