Ever wish you could ban texting while driving so your bike ride is less stressful? Want to be a part of decisions that make differences in your lives?


The United Way and Merrill Eisenberg, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in Public Health, University of Arizona have rescheduled the Youth Advocacy Training that El Grupo has been invited to for this coming Tuesday, October 4th from 4:30pm – 6pm. This is going to be a cool opportunity to learn about ways that you personally and El Grupo as a group can advocate for safer riding conditions, a healthier community, or whatever issues matter to you.


I would encourage all of you to attend this workshop with me at the United Way ( I will be driving us all there for efficiency’s sake) HOWEVER we have also been asked to do more packet stuffing at the PBAA on Tuesday from 4pm – 6pm. Ignacio will be taking that group over from the clubhouse (or you can meet there). We need NO MORE THAN 8 people to do the packet stuffing.


PLEASE PRIORITIZE the advocacy training  – there will be other opportunities to get the hours for those that want to participate in the workshop.


COMMENT which one you will be doing so we know who to expect for what. Thanks!


17 Responses to “Youth advocacy training – Tuesday”

  1. kathleendreier

    i will be doing to youth advocacy thing as well. (logan)

  2. jesse

    I’ll be doing the United Way training. What time should I be at the clubhouse?

  3. danielson

    emily and i would like to do the united way training thing. thanx

  4. Nick Harris

    I did the packet stuffing last time, so I will do the United Way training. thanks Nick

  5. adkisson

    I’ll do the advocacy training. I’ll head to the club house after school-Connor

  6. adkisson

    Where is the training taking place? I think my brother will pick me up.

    • daniela

      The training is at the United Way off of St Mary’s near Santa Cruz river park/path.

  7. keenan

    If you want I will stuff packets since i didn’t do it last time. Ben will go to the advocacy training.

  8. Tyler

    I’d like to go to the PBAA but I can’t make it to the clubhouse in time. I’ll get dropped of at the pbaa at 4.

  9. Olivia Bohn

    I would like to do packet stuffing…and i will probably be a little late sorry.

  10. Sabina

    I want to do packets!! What time do we meet at the clubhouse???