We have a few spots open and will make room for a few more as our team continues to grow and prosper! If you are interested, or know someone who is, they should most definitely read below.

For current El Grupo riders…make sure you are putting your best foot forward (and showing up!) to ensure your spot on the team is not up for grabs!!

We are ready to invite you to try out for the team. We will be only accepting new riders a few times each year, and this will be our winter try out period.

You DO NOT need to have anything special to come try out – you DON’T EVEN NEED A BIKE!

Below is the draft schedule that we have arranged. Exact days and times may change based on need determined at our first meeting. Each day/session is mandatory, though.

Our try out process is structured so that all new riders gain valuable information and skills through the process, and we can all be on the same page. Once you have completed the first week of these sessions, we will know that you have the skills to ride with us on the road. If you so choose to at that point, you will continue for a 3 week “probationary” period to determine if you have a spot on the team. Selection criteria are primarily based on two factors: coachability (i.e. do you listen, follow instructions, apply newly learned concepts) and compatability (i.e. positive attitude, get along with coaches and riders). More will be explained at our first orientation meeting.

Thursday, December 15th: New Parent & Rider Orientation. Arrive at 6pm to meet current EG riders & parents. One hour orientation and Q & A begins at 6:15pm.
Monday, December 19th, 2pm: How you & your bike work – inside at clubhouse
Tuesday, 2pm: New Rider Skills Training
Wednesday, 2pm: Advanced Skills Training with all El Grupo
Thursday, 2pm: Short bike ride on river path

All meetings/sessions/practices begin and end at our clubhouse space located at 439 N 6th Ave (SW corner of 6th Ave & 6th St).

We are really looking forward to meeting you all and having you along for the ride!