Wednesday–  Off. Help your family get ready and enjoy a slow after school afternoon.

Thursday– 8am start. Mt. Lemmon. 3 hours. Everyone should be home by noon to enjoy the day with the family and some caloric bank.

Friday– 8am start. Road Ride. Not longer than 2.5 hours

Saturday– A-B only Old Man Shoot Out. 6:45 am 7:15am sharp start from the house. C ride will start at 7am from the Clubhouse.

Sunday– 7am leave the clubhouse for a MTB day at Fantasy Island.


All Practice this weekend are optional except for Sunday.

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Break Practice Schedule”

  1. adkisson

    I’ll not be riding tomorrow morning
    as I am doing the Turkey Trot at Reid Park at 8:45.

  2. tylers mom aka rane

    Happy Thanksgiving all. I am so thankful for El Grupo and all that the coaches and parents do for our kids. Rane

  3. TBC Steve

    Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving. The Bohn’s will be back in town Monday.