Practice is being canceled for this Thursday.

We had a longer than expected night on Tuesday and this weekend is going to be a long one as well.

So lets take Thursday off and get ready to have a great weekend.

Saturday: A+B Teams will be riding the shoot out  (meet at our house at 6:30am SHARP!) and then going to Brandi Fenton Park to lead a skills session with the Jr. El Tour group. That starts at 10am.

Daniela will lead the C team from the clubhouse to the park to be there by 10am. So leaving at 9am.

We all need the worktrade to ride in El Tour so please come.


Sunday: GABA Silverbell Century

This is the El Tour Dress Rehearsal. If you think you are going to ride in El Tour with the team this is MANDATORY. If you have put in the proper amount of work to this point this will be no problem for you. If you have not this will be a real gauge to see if you are ready. Rest for this one, be prepared, and get excited.

More info can be found at

Parents, assistant coaches & guest riders, if you are planning on riding in this, it is cheaper to become a GABA member and register online before the day of the event.

We will ALL MEET UP at the clubhouse at 7am to ride out to the GABA Ride start at River & Craycroft. From there, A & B will be doing the 82 mile loop; C team will do the 30 mile loop. All will ride back to the clubhouse to finish. This will give each group 100 & 50 miles, respectively.

LAST THING: It is supposed to be CHILLY this weekend – high’s in the 60’s. DRESS WARMLY!!! You all have gloves, jackets, arm warmers, etc in your possession – use them! If you don’t, please ASK AHEAD OF TIME!! (i.e. not as we are walking out the door!)



7 Responses to “Thursday Nov. 3rd and This Weekened”

  1. Jade

    I wont be able to make it on Saturday because I have SAT retakes. But, I am curious on where I am at with my work trade hours.

  2. keenan

    That sounds great. Me and ben will meet the shootout at mission and 36th what time should we be their, i was thinking 6:40. Good or earlier?

  3. daniela

    Duncans – later, actually. The “old man /early” shoot out ride starts at 6:45am this weekend for the first time. I put 6:30 on the calendar and blog so that everyone will be on time. You will be early and good to go there at 6:50.

  4. Jade

    It turns out that I dont have to take the SAT so I will be at the clubhouse a little before 9:00

  5. keenan

    My tire blew out riding home and theirs a giant hole in it. I’ll come early tomorrow