Tuesday: We need a few parents (and will pull aside a few EG riders) to help with some finer details of the Scavenger Hunt – we need your help to get things done! Please let us know if you can help during practice time. Ignacio will then take  most of the team to the park – some will remain behind to help. Come in street clothes.


Start your ovens! That’s right. We need your baked goods. This weekend is the Swap Meet and the Scavenger Hunt.

Saturday: I will need as many home made cookies, brownies, pie, really anything baked to sell for $1 at the Swap Meet. Last year we did quite well off of this so have fun with it.

Also, on Saturday El Grupo will need help tabling the bake sale and with running the Valet service. The two stations are next to each other and both need people between the hours of 8am and 1pm. Please let us know what times will work for you. Everyone will need to put in time for work trade at bike valet & swap to cover entry to Silverbell ride today.

Sunday: The Scavenger Hunt will be running in its 8th edition. Most important right now is for you to tell everyone you know and to get them to attend. It will be fun I promise, I hope to see too many of you there. The baked goods that don’t get sold the day before will be for sale during the Hunt, so over baking is not a problem.You can also plan on baking more for Sunday!

The rest of this week riding wise will be pretty chill, but I will post more about that later.

PLEASE BRING YOUR $10 TO PRACTICE ON TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY to register yourself for the Scavenger Hunt – unless you have or can do this on-line. This will ONLY be available Tuesday and Wednesday. If you don’t remember, you will be expected to pay $15 on Saturday or Sunday. This is not too much to ask for you to contribute to a fundraiser that comes right back at you all year long.


Lastly: Awesome, awesome job to everyone who came out for the Silverbell GABA ride today – I heard nothing but good news and saw good things in terms of the heart and effort you all put out. Way to go El Grupo! We are all going to have so much fun with El Tour! Thanks!

12 Responses to “Tuesday Work Day & Start your Ovens!!”

  1. jesse

    I’ll try to get my Scavenger Hunt money in this week. Also, I can make cinnamon rolls for Saturday. If work help is needed at the swap meet, most of my Saturday is free at the moment.

  2. kathleendreier

    Kathleen will help at the tail-end of the Bike Swap…11ish or after til closing/take down. Can help with bike valet and such…whatever…photos and such…you know, like, whatever….

  3. adkisson

    Collin and I will be there to help tomorrow. Lauren may come help too if she is still here. Connor wants to work at 10 on Saturday so he can birthday shop first! I can work along with Connor on Sat.

  4. kathleendreier

    If you need my help today, call me to let me know. I have court at 4pm but will be available by 5ish. (Kathleen)

  5. Lizzy

    I can be there early on Saturday and stay until it’s over. Wherever I’m needed.

  6. Jade

    We ran out of hangers at the clubhouse today. I might have extras that we dont need. If so, should I bring them so we have more for jerseys and stuff?
    I signed up for Bike Swap times in the book… later shifts because of my tooth.
    Thanks! Jade

  7. moze

    im sorry as i will be on mt.lemmon (not riding):( it will be much calmer without me so find some weirdo and have fun!