Everyone should enjoy (and most of you have earned) a full three days of rest with your families! Merry Christmas!


We will resume practices again on Tuesday, Dec. 27th. We will be mountain biking in town, as planned. Leaving the clubhouse at 8am, sharp!

New Riders will have a ride on Tuesday, as well. Leaving the clubhouse at 8:30am. 

Please arrive early so you are ready to go at leaving time – this is NOT YOUR ARRIVAL TIME.


Wednesday, Dec. 28th We will be meeting at 7am at the clubhouse to get on the road early for the 24 hour course. This will be a most of the day affair. We could use help with drivers, food, and other logistics. Please comment if you are planning on driving or are able to help out in some way that day.

10am new riders: Nippy will be leading a ride starting at 10am from the clubhouse for all new riders. Plan on at least 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Thursday, Dec. 29th: spin class! We will all be doing a spin class with Chadwick at O2 Modern Fitness – new riders included! All meet at the clubhouse by 3:30 to ride over there together. We may need to bring extra trainers, too. We should be back at the clubhouse before 6pm.

(CTS had to postpone our session with them due to staffing issues – we will reschedule in January, tbd)


Friday: we will have an optional mtb day with more info later in the week – a morning thing.


Saturday Shoot Out for A & B teams. 7:15am

C Team Ride, starting at 8am.

And on Sunday, January 1, 2012, we are still on for A Mountain Fest – all are welcome and encouraged to come out. See earlier post for details.





8 Responses to “Changes in Next Week’s Schedule – New Riders, too!”

  1. adkisson

    What time will the fun start on New Years Day? Also I can help with anything you need on Wed. (just don’t ask me to ride down something bumpy and steep. I’m a scaredy cat:) I have the week off so just let me know what you need me to do. John and I can trade cars if you need me to bring the truck-Mary

  2. kathleendreier

    I work Wednesday so I can’t go to help but I am happy to donate food/drink. Just tell me what is on your wishlist of food and I will send some along with Logan.

    I’m off Thursday and Friday so I can help if/when needed for anything.
    Thursday, if there is room, I would love to join in on the spin class. Please let me know if there is. If not, I sure understand.

  3. daniela

    Please be sure to check the training calendar for all start times – it is easy for us to get them mixed up when talking to folks, but we have them straight on the calendar. thanks!

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    Bobby and I will go on Wednesday (will most likely ride SLOWLY on our own) but can help with bikes, food and whatever you need help with, just let us know 🙂 Rane

  5. TBC Steve

    Olivia will be out of town this Mon.-Wed and Fri-Mon(1/2). She will be at the spin class/practice this Thursday. Hope everyone had a GREAT holiday/Xmas w/ their families and friends!



  6. TucsonVelo

    I might be able to join you all on Wednesday, if you’ll have me. What time are you shooting to return? If I can join you, I can take 4 bikes and some passengers.

  7. daniela

    Yes, Mike! Come join us! Seems like we are going to have more than enough drivers! No problem. Let’s all show up by 7am and figure out who goes where then. We will be taking the bike trailer. Ignacio, Daniela and Damiano will be staying to camp. All others will enjoy a lap or 3. There should be enough drivers if some need to return home sooner than others. Mary is bringing fruit. Daniela has lots of muffins, snacks and some bread for sandwiches. Please feel free to chip in sandwich bread, PB & J, or other sandwich fixings. We will be out for the most of the day – the more food the better! We will be starting/ending our ride from the start/finish area of the event – near the rock drop, fyi.