Ok here it is.

This Saturday in the Phoenix area the State Champ Cyclocross will be taking place.

More info can be found here: http://www.larouedor.com/20111217-az-cross7.html

Richard and Lauren will be attending as the coaches and are happy to bring team members along.

Daniela, Damiano, and I will not be attending as it is Daniela’s birthday that day.

If you want to attend please post in very clear fashion that you would like to go. Also I will ask that each of you bring $5 to buy lunch after the race. I need to know by tomorrow if you want to go, so I can sign you up and not pay too much in late fees.

I am not sure what time they will leave but some time around 6:30am I presume, so you get there by 8:30am 2 hours before the start.

I will have more info soon, but this should help get the ball rolling.


18 Responses to “Cyclocross Race”

  1. kathleendreier

    I will be going to the race. My mom and I might drive up separately because I have to be back here (Tucson) no later than four. (logan)

  2. adkisson

    I will be racing but may spend the night with my sister in phoenix.(Connor)

  3. jesse

    I will not be racing on Saturday. I would much rather do the shootout (on the new bike!!!)

  4. TBC Steve

    I’m planning on going (Steve), Olivia will decide after CX practice @ Himmell on Thursday..

  5. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I don’t want to race. I ride a road bike on pavement not dirt! I am good at driving/handing out water bottles/pinning on numbers/fixling flats/telling dumb joke on the long ride to Phx.

    I would be willing to drive or go if needed real bad if not I could ride the shoot-up with The “A” & “B” Team.

    Merry Christmass! Nips!

  6. Jade

    I will not be going. I leave for Colorado Saturday and come back Jan. 1.
    Have Fun!!!

  7. danielson

    I most definitely will be going.
    Also thank you to all the coaches for all that you do for us.

    Happy Birthday Alex

  8. keenan

    I don’t want to go 🙁 i just got sick AGAIN! but it depends on how i feel i may be out on the shootout Saturday. Ben will make a second post later when he decides if he can go. Also i’m really sorry we haven’t been able to make it to practice much, i’ve just gotten sooo much homework and finals stuff but we’ll be back 100% after tomorrow (last day of school). Have fun! And happy birthday Daniela!

  9. TBC Steve

    New location / venue is posted on the link from the AZ Cross website and the online reg. link in the above blog. Online reg. extended until 6:00pm Friday night. Loved riding w/ the gang tonight on my new mutt CX bike. Happy B-day Daniela!

  10. kathleendreier

    Please clarify: Are individual riders responsible to register themselves online or will they do day of? Also, I need to clarify if I’m taking my own car up as Logan needs to be back to town by about 330pm so we will take off pretty much right after the races.

  11. kathleendreier

    I think Donovan and Logan need to decide ASAP if they are doing the JRs or 3/4’s as those two races immediately follow each other.

  12. Richard

    We’ll be leaving at 6:30 sharp tomorrow morning, so try to be at the clubhouse between 6:00 and 6:15.
    Donovan and Logan should both be able to do back-to-back races, IMO. It’ll be good for increasing their anaerobic endurance.

  13. Cathy

    Hi…I would like to come and watch 🙂 I will be driving my Pilot with room for 3 or 4 bikes on the back if needed.

  14. TBC Steve

    I’m coming and can drive (Steve). Truck holds 3 bikes, 4 people max.

    Olivia will not be racing on Sat. but wants to know what the SAT am “C” ride is.

  15. kathleendreier

    Hmmm….The juniors don’t race til 1045am….we’ll be there 2 hours early, won’t we?

  16. TBC Steve

    AWESOME fun day! That course was a hoot…good job EG gang. I am now hooked on CX. Conner-did you end up with an extra box of Cliff bars when I dropped you off, by chance? I could not find my box of Walnut Raisin Bars 🙁