Here are some details, again, for Sunday, January 1, 2012.

We can all meet at the clubhouse at 9am to get bikes and ride over to the base of A mountain. We will take a table or two with food and water. We will bring food from the clubhouse, but feel free to contribute fruit, healthy snacks, etc.

Some people will ride A mountain 12 times in honor of the new year. The rest of us can come out to ride any number we can  OR just come out to walk, hike, jog, stroll with us all.

We will need to take all necessary and regular precautions with this road – we don’t have it closed to traffic. Everyone will be strongly encouraged to take the down hill with more precaution than normal since there will be a lot of us out there enjoying the morning.


All families, siblings, relatives and friends are encouraged and welcome to join us/you out there.


Why are we doing this?

To start our and your new year off right! Whatever your “new year’s resolution” may be, I’ll bet that being active, healthy and spending more time with family and friends is somewhat related.


El Grupo is about all of us – so let’s go be physically active and encourage and inspire one another to set the stage for a wonderful 2012!

2 Responses to “New Year’s Day Celebration”

  1. mosespapa

    We will be at Fantasy for a Geddes family New Year’s Day ride, so we (and Mose) won’t see you at A Mountain. But of course, have a blast!
    And hey, ’twas a lot of fun out at Willow Springs with everyone; someday, we’ll have to get out there and ride all the other awesome singletrack that’s there!