This information will be true if weather permits. Please check the blog at 6:30am for the morning report.


A Team– Donovan and Logan. Please ride the big boy Shoot Out with Alex to Helmet Peak. At helmet turn and return to make it to the Zoo on time. You may leave a change of clothes at my house so that when you get to the Zoo you can change.


B Team– Daniel, Lizzy, Ben, Keenan, Skywalker, Connor, Tyler, Jesse. Please ride the Old Man Shoot Out with Richard and Keri. Please regroup and return via Helmet Peak so you all too can make it to the Zoo on time. Bring a change of clothes to the house and I will have it at the Zoo for you.


C Team– Nippy is trying to make arrangements with you. I do not know what they are, but I trust in him.



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