I want to go Mountain biking, but of course the mother of nature will dictate what we are able to do.

So let’s meet at 8am at the clubhouse.

If it is not raining then we are going to play in the dirt.

If it has rained and is not at the start of practice, and the rain was not too heavy, then we will still MTB.

If the rain was heavy, but it is not raining in the am, then we will go on a road ride.

If it is raining at 7am then I am going to cancel, and that will be posted on the blog.

If it is raining then I will post at 7am when we will try in the afternoon to ride.

So just check in the am post 7am.

2 Responses to “Sunday December 18th”

  1. adkisson

    Connor won’t be able to make it tomorrow. He stayed in Phoenix with Lauren and won’t be home til later tomorrow afternoon. Have fun!==Mary