Could it be winter break already?!? Hopefully that means some down time with your family, and it will also mean some fun time on your bikes – we are trying to make room for both.

All the rides and off days are posted on the training calendar, but also repeated here so things are clear.


To help you better understand the training we have been doing: we are working with 4 week blocks or cycles. We just had two weeks of intense power intervals. This week we need to put in long, sustained tempo miles. And then we will rest for the Christmas holiday, and then start to ramp up again.


For those of you who have been missing a lot of practices lately, now is the time to get back on track. The training plan only really works if you can be consistent.

Let’s start with this week: December 19-23

Please check the start times for each day on the training calendar. Also going on this week are the new rider try outs. Please feel welcome and encouraged to come back to the clubhouse at 2pm-4pm to help out with this, get to know some potential new team members, and encourage them.

Tuesday & Wednesday: we will be starting/leaving from the clubhouse at 7:15am. The only reason to start so early on these days you have off from school is because we will be riding with (at least to start) the group rides. There are a lot of pro racers and teams in town right now. So riding out as a group at these times will maybe give you a chance to ride along with some, or at least see them and be seen.

Thursday: We will start at 8am and all do a few laps of the fixed loop – within A, B & C groups

Friday: Again, 8am start time for long rides. Optional: help serve food to those in need at Armory Park starting at 12.

December 24, 25 and 26 are off. Enjoy your family!


Now on to the second week: December 27 – January 1, 2012


We will be going mountain biking in town on Tuesday the 27th, and going up to the 24 hour course to ride it on the 28th (also Coach Christian’s birthday!). If you are planning on riding in the 24 hour event, this is mandatory!

On December 29th, one of our long-standing and highly supportive sponsors, Carmichael Training Systems, has invited El Grupo to come out for a fun day of Lactate Threshold tests, bike fits, and some skills. We will most likely be riding out there and getting some trainer time while there, starting to build intensity. Plan on an all day affair. We will feed you and take advantage of this very cool opportunity at no cost to El Grupo!!

December 31st is rumored to be the biggest, baddest Shoot Out of the year (and the last one)! A and B teams will do that. C team will have a separate ride.

And last, but not least: the new year.

On January 1st we would like to encourage you all to come out for a New Year Celebration on A Mountain (Ignacio style). The riders will all be doing 12 repeats up the mountain, one for each year of this century thus far. Parents, siblings, friends, board members, spouses, etc are all encouraged to come out to ride up 1 to 12 times, or maybe you want to come jog it, or walk it, or maybe just help set up a snack table at the bottom or top and cheer the rest of us on! Start your new year’s resolution(s) off right with El Grupo!


Again, please check the training calendar for specific start times and stay tuned for any minor changes to the schedule. Happy Holidays!


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  1. daniela

    Jesse – just be ready to go at the clubhouse by 7:15. Everyone will roll out from there.