Saturday 7th

Big Boy Shoot Out- 7:30 am start Jesse, Donovan, Logan, Marcos. You may meet and leave from the house.


Nippy’s ride – Tyler and D-son — he will call you with details


Mountain bike gang- Starting at 8am from clubhouse. Skywalker, Duncan’s, Lizzy. Only those that have ridden Starr Pass with me are welcome to join this gang. That would be David and Mose.


C Ride– Led my Mark Franklin. Emily, Liam, Also Chloe, Santa Cruz, Kyle, and Cameron if you can and like- no obligation. Leaving the clubhouse at 8am.


Sunday- All those that will be riding the 24 hour race we will be going mountain biking at Robles. 8am start from the clubhouse.


Everyone else who is not riding in the 24 hour race 8am ride with Nippy starting from the Clubhouse.




5 Responses to “January 7th and 8th”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    On Saturday, Those that are riding with Nippy will meet at the Safeway at Grant & Craycroft at 7:30 AM. Bring a change of clothes (Street). Or meet at Arizona Cyclist bike shop at River & Campbell at 7:45 AM. We will be riding with Southwest Hand Cycling Team to Saddlebook through Rancho Vistoso. 55 to 60 miles challenging. Wear you El Grupo Jersey.

    Sunday Special Surprise ride on a new route never used by El Grupo!

    Ripley is out of Surgery at 5:30 PM and looking great!

    Cheers Nippy

  2. Jade

    I am confused and my name isnt mentioned…. I am assuming for Saturday I am C Ride with Mark.
    And Sunday, since we still aren’t positive about the 24 hr race, can I still come to try??
    Thank you, Jade

  3. Lizzy

    Sounds good. Mtbing this week, Shootout next week. Thanks Coach. See you tomorrow.


  4. daniela

    Jade, Sunday please go out with the road riding group. Robles will still be too much for you. We will talk about his more soon.

    Connor if you are feeling a little better I would tell you to go on the C ride on Saturday, just to take things easy as you come back from being sick.