This coming weekend we are going to have a super cool opportunity to meet, learn from and ride with ex-pro MTB’er Kat Sweet from Seattle! Check out her highly impressive bio here.


Kat and Tammy from Walter Yi on Vimeo.

All the El Grupo ladies are invited to a Ladies Only Dinner with Kat on Friday. I just sent out an email to you all with more details. This will be a great chance to chat with her – female to female – about riding in the dirt! After all, she is the founder of Sweetlines: Sweetlines specializes in women focused training with women instructors, to empower better riders in a fun, challenging, and safe environment.


We will have two different skills sessions on Saturday – one for more beginner/intermediate and one for more intermediate/advanced riders in El Grupo (male and female).  And ride some more dirt on Sunday!  We will fill you in with more details as they get nailed down.


And all of this is being made possible by Nippy – who doesn’t even like mountain biking!! 🙂 Thanks so very, very much to Nippy for putting our females first and bringing Kat out to help us all gain some new skills. Never stop learning!

One Response to “Kat Sweet this Weekend!!!”

  1. TBC Steve

    What a great video and opportunity for the EG girls. Sadly Olivia/Chloe will be out of town on a youth group ski trip but please keep us posted on the clinics/Sunday dirt ride. I’m ready for more mountain bike abuse!