First thanks everyone for a great weekend with Kat. I watched everyone learn boat loads as did I. Thanks for representing the team so well.


So tomorrow there are 2 OPTIONAL practices.


8:00am Intervals

Anyone is invited to go out and do these. We are going to do 4x 10 LT’s at Starr Pass. This is intended for everyone who is going to be racing Valley, thinks they want to, or has big dreams for the rest of the season. I do expect the “A” team to be there and everyone else is invited. We will be done with these at approx. 9:30am. So if you choose to then do the bike and hike, pack appropriately.


After that I am inviting the rest of you to join Daniela, Damiano and I on a bike and hike. We will ride in plain clothes to the Yetman trail head which is approx. 6 miles from  the clubhouse. We will lock our bicycles at the trail head and go on approx. an hour hike. If you choose to come please bring appropriate clothes, water quantities, and shoes. We will head out around 10am for a chill day in the Tucson Mountains.


This is all happening tomorrow because we have the day off and I wanted to give everyone some options for outside play. Come as you wish. Also are not having practice on Tuesday so this is in lieu of.

4 Responses to “Monday MLK Day”

  1. Lizzy

    I’ll be at the interval practice in the morning, but not the bike and hike. I think that’s too much for me at this time. Thanks. See y’all in the morning.


  2. keenan

    Thanks a ton nippy for making the skills/ jumping session available today! Also I will be at the intervals tomorrow and maybe the bike and hike. -Keenan

  3. kathleendreier

    Yes, Nippy, thank you for all you did to sponsor the whole weekend event with Kat. She is a terrific athelete and as my dad would say, you are “top shelf”.

    I’m asking you all to be patient with me on the images I took this weekend regarding Kat’s workshop. As I have several other projects/photo gigs I need to get to first, so it could be about a week before I get to Kat’s images. I will keep you posted.

  4. Jade

    Thank You Nippy!!!!!
    I cant come to either option because I have volunteer stuff to do with that retreat I did a while ago and timing overlaps. I finished the apps…see everyone on Wed. Have fun playing tomorrow 🙂
    ~ Jade