Here it is first one of the year. This is also a great event to invite friends and family to. It is in our back yard and very fun to watch. It is held on Campus and if you get to the Softball stadium on campus you will be right in the middle of the race course. The address they are giving is — E 1st St and N Warren Ave, Tucson, AZ.


Let’s meet at the clubhouse at 7:30am.

If we are ready to go shortly there after we should be at the start at 7:45 ish.


Luke goes off first at 8:10am. He might leave the clubhouse a touch earlier than us just to get his things in order. He will then race for 30minutes.


Next up is the Cat 4 Boys. Logan, Donovan, and Nathan they will race for half an hour starting at 8:50am.


9:30am All Juniors between the racing ages of 10-14 will start and race for 20 minutes.


10:00am All juniors between the racing ages of 15-18 will start and race for 20 minutes.


At this point anybody who needs to leave and continue their day may.


12:10 Cat 3 Men Richard and Alex.


1:00pm Women Cat 3+4 Lizzy will race for half an hour.


3:00pm Collegiate B race– Nathan


Please everyone before you come in the morning eat a large substantial breakfast. If you wake up at 6:30am and only eat a bowl of cereal and then expect to race well in 3 hours you are never going to make it. Please eat a large breakfast. Something like a 2 egg bagel sandwich with cheese, would be a good start, and maybe a small smoothie. Please eat well.


Please sleep well before any and all races. GO TO BED EARLY!!!!


Bring a change of clothes for before and after your race. This is something that makes me feel comfortable. So bring a change if it  makes you feel comfortable.


I would encourage as many of you to watch the later races in the day as well. They are the more talented and experienced riders and we can always learn from them. Also their races are very exciting. So if you are going to stick around a change of clothes is a nice thing. The pro women go off at 3:40pm and the pro men at 4:30pm.


I am going to have to leave the event at 10:30am, as I have to work from 11am to 3pm. I will return to watch the pro’s race if anyone would like to join me.


Parents if you would like to bring healthy snacks that sounds great. Fruit is really the best. You may bring a chair to hang out in, in between races, however once your kid is racing I do not think you will be sitting. Also feel free to ride to the start with us if you like.


This will be the first of many this year, so let’s start off right and have some fun.


Other than the overly excited weird guy in the beginning this is a great video put together by Christian from a few years back.






6 Responses to “U of A Crit”

  1. tylers mom aka rane

    I promise I’ll stuff Tyler full of food: bagel, eggs, smoothie, etc, check 🙂

  2. Jade

    I will be there and be a loud voice in the crowd. Depending on how smooth the morning goes with my cousins will depend on if I meet you at the clubhouse or at the race course. GO EL GRUPO!!!!!