24 Hours in the Old Pueblo 2012


This race/ event brings out the essence of what El Grupo is. This is the one event where the whole team has to come together and work in harmony. It takes the whole “village” to make the event work. Racing it is the easiest job one can have at the race; the support crews are the real work horses, and are completely indispensable. There would not have been a single podium this weekend if not for the tireless work put in by so many.


Thank You Roll Call


Christian Timmerman– For going up early and establishing camp. Putting up tents and marking off the area.


Gary Hurst– For helping Christian establish camp, and keeping our bikes working all weekend. Also for getting them ready before the race and every thing else you did out there.


Handlers: Colin Holmes, Chris Duncan, Jim Stites, Rane Clements, Mark Franklin

Your job is for sure harder than riding the event. You were so critical to the smooth functioning of the event. We in no way could have done this without you. Thank you so much. Every one of you did a top notch job A+++ job. We could not have had better support from any of you. I would love to have every one of you back next year. You guys stayed up all night and never missed a beat, always had us ready, on time and fueled. Incredible!!!



Camp Assistant and Assistant Handler: Chloe, Jade, Kyle, Nick, Christian Matthews

Every one of you was absolutely necessary in making this a successful event. You kept the fires going, you kept the food coming, the area clean, assisted the handlers, took care of your teammates. You guys were indispensable. Thank you for all the hard work. Trust me, riding and racing was the easy part.



Thank you to Kathleen and Nippy! What did you guys not do? You two are El Grupo super stars and filled every crack every time it was needed even before any of us knew there was a crack. The ability you two have of solving problems before they become problems is just awesome. Thank you!! I probably am missing a ton of things that you all did because many of them were behind the scenes. But thank you for everything. And of course, thank you Kathleen for documenting the whole event in between doing everything else.


Also, thank you Nippy for all the fire wood and for driving back and forth multiple times. We would have been lost without your tireless help!!


Kyra Jones Williams, better known as Merrik’s mama, you helped us old folks get back on our bikes for yet another lap with your awesome body work.


Noe, for so kindly riding two night laps with two of our female riders and for helping transport bikes back to the clubhouse.





Kira Geddes, thank you for taking control over the kitchen, we never were without and always had just what we needed. Your calm kept everything running smoothly.


Chuck Helmke, you drove up three separate times each time bringing provisions, then loaded your truck for the return trip.


Mr. Santa Cruz thank for supporting us all night long. You stayed up most of the night and helped in every way asked. The beans you brought were incredible as well!!!


John and Mary Adkisson, not only did you come up multiple times each time bringing much needed provisions, you very kindly brought drinks for all adults to enjoy.


Jeanie Anaya, another super star filler of gaps. Thank you so much for being so nimble on your toes. You helped in every way you were asked and then some. Thank you.


To all the parents that contributed all the food. I do not mean to leave any one out in any way as I want to thank all of you. Your contributions fueled our riders and volunteers and saved El Grupo a TON of money!


Marybeth Caputo– We ate over 7 gallons of your meat chili.


Greg Welch, thank you for the heater, propane and canopy. We sure needed those tools.


Mark Mandel, Laura, and Ali– We all know that it was because of your amazing support that Alex and Richard rocked it.


Mark Franklin– Thanks so much for bring the RV and for hauling the cactus. I cannot imagine this team without you and the greater Franklin family helping.


Of course, all of our sponsors, especially,


Light and Motion– You can’t ride at night without lights and you guys provide us with the best lights and support. Thank you for being so supportive and for being so generous!!


Panaracer– One flat on 56 tires over 24 hours. I think your tires are the best.


Fair Wheel Bikes– Yeah, we got bikes!


Animal Health Hospital – Kipp, your enthusiasm for what we do makes all the hard work worth it!


Carmichael Training Systems – Hands down, these were the best, fastest, and most laps El Grupo has ever done. Our training is working!!


And finally, to all the riders (youth, coaches, & parents) who gave it their all, even when they were exhausted. We all did more laps at faster times than any El Grupo crew out there in the past!


This is always my favorite event of the year. It brings the team and greater El Grupo family together in the most intimate way. Thank you to every one that helped make it possible. I am already excited for next year!!


2 Responses to “24 HOP Thank You Roll Call”

  1. TBC Steve

    Indeed, a huge shout out to everyone in the list above..handlers, coaches, kids, cooks, fire keepers, etc. etc. made our 1st (of MANY future) 24HR exp. stellar. Kudos to Nowai (sp?) for riding with Olivia on her 1st ever night lap in the wee hours and keeping her spirit intact. On the way out out “town” Sunday, Chloe, Olivia and I were already talking of next year.