I am going to need a lot of information from a lot of you over the next few days. So lets try and do the best we can to communicate with one another using this blog and comment section.


Please in the comment section let me know if you have a quality tent you can bring, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, also let me know if you need something. Let’s just start with this tonight.

Also please pack early so you can ask for gear if you need it, I will not be pleased if you are fumbling on Friday.


First here is your packing list:

2012 24 Hour Race Gear List
Camping Stuff Hygiene
Sleeping bag tooth brush
sleeping mat tooth paste
tent sunscreen
headlamp hand towel/washcloth
alarm clock/ digital watch
Riding Clothes Camping Clothes
Team Jersey x 2 Toque/ beanie/ winter hat
Xtra practice jersey
Base layer x 2 warm jacket
arm warmers jeans/ pants x2
leg warmers/ leggings long undies
vest/ riding jacket 2 long sleeve shirts
long finger gloves 6 socks- wool if you got em
3 riding shorts bandana
helmet 3 t-shirts
sunglasses – optional rain coat
riding hat- optional Sweatshirt
under pants
Eating Stuffs Racing Stuff
to be carried in pack
insulated mug at the start of each lap
utensil/ spoon 2 tubes
patch kit
cell phone
tire levers
multi tool w/ chain tool
You must have everything on this list accounted for before you leave for the race. Coaches and
some of the other parents have extra gear so please ask for it, if you do not have something.
It tends to be very cold at night so please bring appropriate clothes. There is a chance of rain.
Pack intelligently.
All of this stuff must fit into one normal size duffel bag. It should. If it doesn’t, look at your
chosen stuff and I bet you can down size some. Of course I am not including your tent and
sleeping bag/mat in the duffel bag.
Be smart about your gear selection and ASK FOR HELP if needed.







26 Responses to “24 Hour Information”

  1. daniela

    Those that have already told me they need sleeping bags include: Jade, Liam, Logan, Kathleen, Donovan.
    Those that have already told me they have tents to bring include: Tyler, Cameron, Santa Cruz, Jesse, Duncans.
    I will send out a list of what food people have said they are bringing and things that can still be purchased/made/contributed via email.

  2. jesse

    I will provide my own sleeping bag, tent, and sleeping mat, although I believe the tent is only 1 person.

  3. daniela

    No need for a spoon, but do pack a mug to limit waste. It will be your responsibility to keep clean and tabs on it.

  4. kathleendreier

    From Kathleen: I will be leaving with Logan after school (4pm) on Friday. I can take one other person and their gear.
    Let me know if you want to be that person. I’m planning to sleep in my car unless someone has an open space in one of the tents. Ignacio…”if” we have the same campsite, you know where I have parked the last 3 years…if you can please save me a spot around that area. Thanks! We are gonna rock this!

  5. TBC Steve

    Hi-Steve (Olivia’s dad) here:
    We both have good sleeping bags, mats and I have a 2-person tent (in a zip-up bag w/stakes loaned to EG a while back) that should be in the El Grupo storage area..need to confirm today after practice please.

    We have a sleeping bag to loan that’s warm if needed. Also have Coleman Stove, some propane and some firewood. Will be ready to go out Friday am!! If Olivia is caught up in school, she will come out with me then, otherwise later.

  6. Cathy

    from mark
    I will be driving out FRIDAY; leaving downtown about 4pm. I will have Daniel and Emily and have room for up to 5 others who need to leave later – after school. I will be pulling the cargo trailer and carrying the bicas metal cactus sculpture, so I wont have room for bikes.
    1- Daniel needs a warm sleeping bag
    2- I will bring a small 1P tent for myself and a 4P tent
    3- Let me know who will need rides!

  7. donovan

    i will need a sleeping bag, tent, and sleeping mat. thank you very much.

  8. Lizzy

    I need a mat, a tent, and a ride. I’m also leaving after school. So, wherever I’ll fit, I’ll fit. And I can squish if need be. 🙂


  9. danielson

    I need a long sleeping bag, and a tent. Also is there any papper work that I missed because I sick this week. I am fine now and still am planning on doing the 24 race. Thank you.

  10. Skywalker

    I need a mat, long sleeping bag, tent, and a headlamp. i have a sleeping bag that doesn’t go very low temperature wise, i used it at the phoenix circut race and was cold so id like to not be able to cut diamonds with my nipples. Liam also needs a mat, sleeping bag, tent and headlamp. Oh i dont know if you guys know this, but a few headlamps were out of battery.

  11. Skywalker

    Oh and i messed up big time and planned to be in a the state drama competition at 4:00 pm because i thought there was a later leave time from the clubhouse. If anyone knows someone who is heading up there after 6:00 pm, please leave a comment here, or call ignacio and have him let me know. I have a very last resort ride up there if i cant find someone else going, but they are really going out of their way to offer the ride for me. Thanks

  12. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I have 15 medium warn tops (Sweatsuite type)and 5 sweatpants that I am bringing with me. I will bring the bike racks also!! I need a dog sitter if possible or we may have a mascott. I will be leaving after school on Friday Afternoon and will be taking up bikes and may be able to take one person. I will be taking the wood out there on Thursday afternoon. Cheers – Nippy

  13. Jade

    I need a sleeping mat, tent, head lamp, and ride for Friday after school. As far as the ride is concerned, Mark and Kathleen’s timing matches with mine…I have my internship until 3:00 at Miles ELC. Thank you everyone for everything!!

  14. kathleendreier

    Logan also needs a headlamp. And unfortunately, no hat of any size except a giant’s will fit on his head….lol.

  15. Cathy

    Nippy – Cherish and I can dog sit at our house. We have 3 dogs, medium (f), large(m) and XX-large(m). We also have a fenced back yard. Let me know if you would like him to stay with us : ) Cathy

  16. adkisson

    I found one more flannel-lined sleeping bag (not sure what temps it’s for) but I threw in a down throw with it which should help dramatically. I put in a few more of our down throws in case someone needs them.

  17. kathleendreier

    (Kathleen): Let’s figure out tomorrow who is/isn’t driving once we all meet up at the clubhouse around 4ish. My sleeping arrangement may have changed so I may not need to take my car. I guess we will all sort it out tomorrow afternoon but I will be prepared to drive if need be.

  18. kyle

    i have 3 extra nice warm sleeping bags and room for three people in my tent. I also have 1 sleeping mat