Hi guys and gals! If you are available and want to help Logan and I move, here’s the plan:
Tomorrow/Friday: Meet at our current soon-to-be-former place at Stone Curves at 1pm. Mark Franklin and DanielSon will come over with their car and the flat bed. We’ll move most of our stuff, quite easily. So far Logan, Donovan, Logan’s friend Mette, Mark and DanielSon are part of the crew along with me.
Sunday: Mark will kindly use his vehicle again to help us get the rest of our stuff which I think will be mostly our beds and few other odds and ends. We’ll start whenever folks feel ready to do so after your practice.
I will be sure to have some type of food product on hand both days.
Mary (Connor’s mom) also offered her truck and services on Sunday if we need it.
Thanks in advance for all your help.

3 Responses to “Helping Logan and Kathleen move….”

  1. kathleendreier

    I’m bringing my computer into the shop late morning for general maintenance so if you need to reach me, please call my cell: 245-6711.

  2. kathleendreier

    Special thanks to Mark, Daniel, Richard, Cherish, Mette, Logan, Donovan and Collin for helping us move today. We have a few more things to move on Sunday and then we are fully in our new place. I am so grateful for our El Grupo family. It means the world to us, truly.