Herein lies info for the whole weekend. Some of us are going to the McDowell Mountain Circuit Race on Friday & Saturday. Others of us are going to the Flapjack Time Trial on Sunday. There will be other rides on both Saturday and Sunday. Please check the training calendar to be clear. Below are details for the McDowell event only. More will be posted on the TT when it becomes available.


For those going to McDowell Circuit Race: Jade, Luke, Ben, Keenan, Cameron, Santa Cruz, Lizzy, Tyler, Logan, Daniel, Donovan, Alex, Richard, Gary, Daniela, Ignacio, Damiano


Leaving time: as close to 4pm as possible! (meaning, have bags packed before school and be ready to go)

Drive time is 2.5+ hours. Here is a link to the race info.


Gear: Tents & sleeping mats provided by El Grupo. Bring good sleeping bag, if not EG has some – you must let us know if you need one. Pack an extra jacket and racing clothes – it will be cold in the morning when you race, but your EG jersey must be showing – pack appropriately (i.e. arm warmers, full finger gloves, etc). Have a change of clothes – we will be able to shower before heading home so bring toiletries and towel. Everything MUST fit into one bag (minus your sleeping bag). Don’t forget helmets and riding shoes!


Food: El Grupo will provide dinner, breakfast and lunch, plus snacks and camping costs. If you have special dietary needs, please plan on that for yourself.


We will need $10 from everyone going to McDowell to help offset costs. Please come with that on Friday and give to Daniela.



6 Responses to “Info for Upcoming Weekend”

  1. tylers mom aka rane

    Andy guess on return time to Tucson on Saturday? Thanks 🙂

  2. tylers mom aka rane

    I meant “any” guess……….. its been a long day

  3. Jade

    I do not have a sleeping bag, if I could please borrow one that would be great. Thank you and woo go El Grupo!!!!!

  4. TBC Steve

    Good luck El Grupo riders @ the RR and TT! Bring home some hardware!

    Olivia is on meds for her nasty sinus infection but should be rolling w/you next week. For those who are NOT doing the RR or TT, I am planning on heading out to the 24 hour course for more laps on Sunday am. Parents/EG kids in town- let me know if you want to join me. or 403-3106